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Coming together

The beginning of April brought together the members of the IATM Board in Berlin. We worked on shaping IATM’s annual conference in September and the further projects and ideas for the network. Have a look at the report below. Additionally, IATM members invite you to their upcoming events!
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Featured Posting

IATM Board meets in Berlin

On 7 and 8 April IATM Board members united in Berlin. President Joachim Breuninger welcomed them at the Deutsches Technikmuseum (German Museum of Technology) to discuss current projects, the upcoming annual conference, and learn more about the museum and its large and vast collections. 

Find the report bhere

Further news from IATM

New Article Series: Museums in Danger - Cyber Security

In light of our upcoming annual conference, we started an article series on matters of museums in danger. Starting with a brief overview on cyber attacks.

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Sourcing resources

In 2021 and 2022, we shared a webinar series with the IATM community. We're interested in providing further resources and invite contributions to a new resources section.

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No plans for the spring and summer yet? Let IATM members inspire you.

We asked you for upcoming events of interest to the IATM community and are happy to provide you with this little event calendar for the next months.

🗓️ April & May

view of the exhibition space

O 26 April: Under pressure. The history of the train toilet

In eight areas "Under Pressure" at the DB Museum in Nuremberg, Germany tells the story of the train toilet in Germany from its beginnings to the present day. Over 150 exhibits, documents and photographs take you from the chamber pot in Chancellor Otto von Bismarck's saloon car, to soap dispensers and toilet paper, up to the modern bioreactor.
Image: (c) DB Museum

Toilets and trains at DB Museum this way »

10 May: L.T.C. ROLT - Conference on Life, Work & Legacy

2024 marks the 50th anniversary of the death of the writer and biographer LTC Rolt, also known as 'Tom'. The Ironbridge Gorge Museum trust has partnered with academics from Keele University to host this conference to celebrate the life and explore the continuing legacy of LTC Rolt.

Image: Ironbridge Gorge Museum Trust archives.

18 May: Children's Day at the Finnish Aviation Museum

FAM's greatest event of the year, Children's Day, welcomes aboard! Experience museum exhibitions, historic airplanes, and flight simulators. Museum and museum's friends offer a wide range of activities in and outside the museum. You'll meet space adventures as well and learn how to fly a gyrocopter.

Head over to the Finnish Aviation Museum

🗓️ June, July & August

12-15 June: 1000 miles of Czechoslovakia – race and finale

1000 Miles of Czechoslovakia continues the tradition of this pre-war race held in the 1930s. It's a unique commemorative drive featuring vintage cars manufactured up to 1939. Approximately 120 crews participate in the journey from Prague to Bratislava and back. The final arrival in front of the National Technical Museum Prague is traditionally a grand event. Visitors can witness the arrival of 120 crews, and have the opportunity to inspect the historic cars afterwards. A supporting programme rounds out the event.

26 June & 24 July: Guided tours at the Finnish Aviation Museum

Get to know the highlights of our exhibition and interesting stories behind museum objects! Guided tours are suitable for museum visitors of all ages. The tour is included in the price of the entrance ticket (12/6/0 €).

Image: DC-3 and passengers of a Finnish airline Kar-Air, c. 1957-1965. Photo by Arto Jousi. Collections of Kar Air Oy / Finnish Aviation Museum.

13-14 July: Steam in Miniature Weekend in Blists Hill Victorian Town

The streets of Blists Hill Victorian Town will be filled with steam and smoke as miniature steam engines roam around the town, giving an idea of what life would have been like for Victorian residents.
Off to smoke and steam

10-11 August: Steam Gala

The annual steam gala weekend is back at Blists Hill Victorian Town. Experience the sights, sounds and smells of the Industrial Revolution as the streets of Blists Hill  are brought to life by a variety of visiting Steam Engines.

More steam!

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